There are so many beautiful places to see in this world; Through-my-eyes.be just begins to scratch the surface. It’s simple enough to find places to go on holiday, but most searches generally limit you to the beach or the mountains. Through-my-eyes.be wanted to appeal to those who seek a little more excitement.

Through-my-eyes.be was created in the hopes of fostering a space for casino and travel enthusiasts to share ideas, reviews, information, and more. Through-my-eyes.be finally brings together two of the creators’ main passions: travel and gambling.

As students by day, the minds behind Through-my-eyes.be not only take an interest in beautiful places, but love to explore beautiful design as well with their shared interest of graphic design. If you’re anything like the creators of Through-my-eyes.be, then you know how wonderful it is to be captivated by new and breathtaking places. Through-my-eyes.be hopes to continually show you the latest in luxury casinos and traveling.  We enjoy receiving feedback, so feel free to drop us a quick message via our contact page.